Red Bull x Stab Minor Threat

Red Bull North America engaged Stab to take part in their Minor Threat boat trip in the Mentawai Islands in Indonesia in 2011. The deal? Craft a theme shoot that can go viral. Armed with 5000 ping pong balls, 20 cameras in a boardbag and 15 marine safety flares, Stab pulled together a variety of different shoots. Some weren’t hugely successful. Some surpassed expectation. When Bruce Irons rode the tube at night with a flare on the tail of his board, the results shook the world. The footage appeared on the world’s biggest news stations (the still images ran in The Wall St Journal) and the footage was screened on the news of CNBC, ABC, CNN in the US and BBC and Channel 4 in the UK. Oh, and we copped 1.5m views on YouTube as well.